PC-98 Puzzle Game Concept Art
I wanted to create a concept for a game that was both a visual novel and puzzle game. The story would follow a magical girl style plot set in a brutalist, communist environment and to kill baddies you would have to compete in a color matching puzzle game, like Puyo Puyo. I was heavily influenced by 90s raver fashion and PC-98 games.
I started with the UI to settle with a color palette and sense of the gameplay. The layout is meant to replicate the look of PC-98 games where the action would take place in a small part of the screen.
Icons and assets up close
Environment Design
My initial critique said that the first color choices blended too much into the UI and the right was too baron. So after playing around with the colors I settled on the green/purple and added some more elements to break up the composition.
Sketches for the environment and initial color
Villain Character Design
The initial sketches of the enemy/villain the top arms were down so I raised em to make the silhouette stronger. The initial color did not fit the rest of the game. So I played around with color variations until I settled on the version below. 
Silhouettes and color variations
Main Character Design
I wanted to focus on the outfit of the character but I was told the poses were too boring. So for the final I worked on giving her a more dynamic pose that took my favorite elements from each of the designs.
Silhouettes and Sketches
Key Image
Meant to be used for the box art poster or social media header. Features the city and the main character crossing paths with her superhero self.
Sketches and Influence
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